About us

Dear visitors, welcome to the Hotels Baška Voda!

Hotels Baska Voda d.d. is a company with more than 37 years of tradition, founded back in 1984., based in Baška Voda. Hotels Baška Voda in their business include hotel and restaurant offer.

Our facilities are located in the most attractive and prestigious locations along the beaches crowned with the Blue Flag.

In the immediate vicinity there is a nature park "Biokovo" which is an ideal destination for exploring all the natural and cultural beauties of Dalmatia.

Basic information

Company: Hotels Baska Voda dd
Short Name: HBV d.d.
Headquarters: Baška Voda, Stjepana Radića 2
Legal form: Joint stock company
Foundation date: 01.01.1984.
Establishment date: 01.01.1984.
Registration court: Commercial court in Split under no. Tt-13/581-4 from 06.03.2016.

Registration number: 060015627
OIB HBV: 38304309304
Auditor: "List" d.o.o. - Split

Management Board: 
Member of the Management Board - Daliborka Ulemek
Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Đuro Martinjak

Nominal share capital:

135,000,000.00.00 kn paid in full. 1,687,500 ordinary shares issued, value of 1 share HRK 80.00

Owner structure

  1. East Construction & Engineering LLC       846.550        50,166 %
  2. Faver Investment & Finance S.A.              756.940         44,85 %
  3. Nikolajus Čumak (Lithuania)                     78.590          4,657 %
  4. CERP – RH                                             133             0,0079 %
  5. Small shareholders                                  5.287            0,3133 %


                                                                 1.687.500        100,00 %