Wine bar Kantun

Allow us to present you our new concept of the already famous Kantun Bar: Wine Bar Kantun 2023.

Wine bar Kantun offers a rich selection of premium wines and delicious local delicacies, an ideal combination for evening relaxation.


Matković Wine Tasting

Explore Croatia's treasures and enjoy in tasty wines every Tuesday and Friday. In this excursion you will be able to explore Blue lake, Turkish tower, Red  lake and see a foootball stadium. After exploring the destionation, you can sit and relax in tasting 4 types of wine and 2 types of liqueur complemented by perfectly composed homemade appetizer (prosciutto, sausage, cheese, olive oil, bread under the oven).


Phone Phone+385 21 604 550
Working hours Working hours16:00h -23:00h

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